How to Maintain a Healthy Work-life Balance?


‘Time’ in our life is something that can never be taken over. It flows off as if you lose your grip holding an object if unused consciously.
What essentially is work-life balance?

Maintaining a work-life balance means separating personal life and professional life. Doing so can avoid chaos in life with neither of them giving you a satisfied state of living when overlapped. A proper work-life balance ensures a person’s physical as well as mental wellbeing.

Here are a few pokes to let you know the necessity of maintaining a work-life balance:

1. To maintain mental health

Mental health is mostly ignored and not all employers of firms place enough importance on it. Stress, anger, followed by health issues is most seen among the current working demography on the planet. Hence, this topic is prevalent at the minute as studies show the dangers and risks associated. These risks range from stress-related issues to depression. Prolonged bearing with the stress can cause dementia, memory loss, and can shorten the person’s life span.

2. To ensure physical health

An old saying goes this way: “healthier the body, healthier the mind”. So, maintaining mental health is to ensure that the person is feeling physically healthy too. This includes eating healthy food and regular exercise.
Money can buy happiness in certain circumstances but it isn’t the case in every aspect. Work until a limited timing and stress less or do with stress-relieving mechanisms to self-refresh. Work with worry is worthless.

3. Enhances productivity

Any company wants their employees to be hard-working and productive. Staying unnecessarily for long hours at the office feels like life as entirety at the workplace. However, the quality of work will probably be worse with the efforts made less productive.

The studies have shown that one who maintains a proper work-life balance are more productive than those who do not. Hence, here is proof that a positive way of life can automatically lead to amazing outcomes.

4. Enable to be an all-rounder

If life loops around only work and nothing else, then you will lose a lot of other positive dimensions of life that will highlight you among your colleague employees and other people too. Having extracurricular skills apart from work makes you a more rounded and interesting candidate.

These out of box thinking and skills are something that employers look for. Hence, hobbies inclusion is a necessary thing in your CV because your activities are determiners of your energy at the workplace.

5. Life happens only once

To any human, life happens only once and hence live it to the fullest. Whatever happens, good or bad, it is meant for you. Chase them and enjoy every moment of life and experience to learn from lows and highs.

One need not wait for happiness to occupy their lives. It all depends on how they react and respond to living things, time is something that can be never got back once passed. So, the best use of every moment is trivial in leading a healthy lifestyle.

Tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance:

Neither a sole-trader nor a person working under a superior is spared of getting under stress. Everyone takes the struggle of maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Below are a few tips that constitute the essence of maintaining a healthy work-life balance:

Play to your strengths
Not all things are doable by an individual. Someone’s strength can be your weakness. Hence, focus on your strengths and outsource the others.
If your strength is doing with coding, go with it rather goofing around others and wasting time.

Know your highs and lows
You only can know at what time you can be more productive. If you are a morning person, assign yourself tough and high-concentration works in that time rather than procrastinating to later part of the day and vice versa.

Prioritize your time
You need to prioritize your work accordingly. For instance, you have a to-do list of doing with 20 tasks for the day. Prioritize them in this way:

  • Urgent and important
  • Important but not urgent
  • Urgent but not important
  • Neither urgent nor important

Plot your time
Life is not the same always. When personal issues arise, you will feel to bury yourself in work. Make time for yourself and your family because life seems incomplete, boring, and frustrating when loaded with work only and no other elements to spend time with.

Have scheduled work hours and stick to them
Make a scheduled work hour to complete the whole work you set to complete. Do it to your power and complete it within the stick time. Otherwise, you will end up doing a small work for the entire day which goes useless.

Make exercise a must-do part of the daily routine
It is easy to cancel the gym, morning run, or yoga for some work to be done for the day. Though it is the case, prioritize your exercise than work to be done to make money. A healthy body has a fresh mind and functions better to complete tasks in less time.

Maintain a proper diet
Food contributes to the proper metabolism of the body and organizes the body’s work and sleep cycle. Addict yourself to green foods rather than fast foods. A proper diet syncs to the proper functioning of the body. Even the productivity and physical maintenance are directly related to the food consumed.

Be Realistic
At the end of each working day, a little self-analysis is required. It helps to assess yourself of what you have worked today and what you didn’t. The time taken to do work can be organized and how to optimize time for each work can be regulated through this means.

Manage your mind
When fear, anxiety, stress, or some sought of self-doubt creeps into you, do some relieving work such as meditation, step out to open area, or read a book. Alternatively, spending time with someone to whom you can talk your inner-self can uplift you and support your emotional lacks.

Take a break
Remember to take timely breaks or some time out from work throughout the day of work. Some tasks are easy to do and so if you find time between your tasks, try to afford rest to yourself. Also, make a point of getting up from work and stretching for every 15 minutes. It helps to become more focused and productive.

‘Time and tide wait for none’. So, make a place for your life equally with work to maintain that work-life balance and lead a healthy and full-fledged life.


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