How to Make a Great Impression During a First Job Interview via Video?


COVID-19 has brought about innumerable changes in the functionalities of every domain. Considering the work sector, remote working has been in action during this lockdown period to cope up with the work and economy of the company and country. Companies have reshaped their hiring strategy to operate and hire new talents. Most organizations are opting for video or phone interviews to hire employees into their workspace. So, what matters the most here is the way the interviewee presents himself/herself to impress a potential boss and bag the job albeit making the interview from home.

Here are few tips to go well with a video interview process:

1. Confirm your details

A lack of clarification or miscommunication on the interview details can have deleterious effects on your interview outcome. E.g. If you live in a location that is different from the time zone of the company’s office, then make sure the time zone that is stated, in which the interview will happen and schedule your move accordingly. Also, make sure that you are clear to whom you will be initiating the video conference for the interview. You are supposed to call the interviewer but out of mind you do it to someone else at the specified time, this may cost you the consequences of losing the job.

2. Dress up appropriately

A remote interview, whether phone or video, must be treated as any traditional face-to-face interview process or meeting. Imagine yourself that the interview is happening at the recruiter’s office and dress accordingly for the part. Dressing appropriately not only makes a smarter impression of you on camera but also will put you in a more professional, ethical, and confident frame of mind.

3. Set-up your surroundings

In the near future, most of us will be working remotely from their places of stay. So, the recruiter might also be having a glance around during the video call to ensure that you have the right set-up to work efficiently from home. Hence, pay attention to the environment around you while communicating. It may help if you can display that you have a dedicated desk area to work with an appropriate seat and a good surrounding that looks free from distraction and any other interruptions.

4. Do a technical rehearsal

It’s better to switch on all the required equipment well before 15 minutes to make sure that there are no technical glitches. Also, have a check on lightening, camera angles, test the microphones, headphones, or any other gadgets that you use for the moment. Enable a silent mode on phones or for any other desktop notifications. It’s a good idea to practice call with friends or your familiars to acclimatize to a feel of the interview and ensure that you portray your personality nicely.

5. Do not perplex by the problems

A video call is certain to have ‘sound drops’ or ‘image freezes’ due to internet connectivity issues sometimes. Do not get annoyed or fazed if the sound drops or the image freezes and convert the situation naturally. Try to say that ‘I’m sorry, I missed that’ or ‘could you please repeat?’ and move forward smoothly. Do not forget that your boss will be watching you on how you react to minor inconveniences or interruptions that happen meanwhile.

6. Clear the distractions of backgrounds

Be attentive to what can be seen on the camera behind you. It doesn’t purport well if you have any young children running behind, the family having a chit-chat or any sound from television. Try to find a corner or a room in your house where you can ensure at least an hour’s worth of quietness so that the recruiter can focus on your answers and that the process can end smoothly. Also, when speaking, look directly into the camera. This creates a feel to the other person that you are looking at them and it is also a gesture of confidence and truth to what you say.

7. Write a cheat sheet to help yourself

A major benefit of the video interview is that the hiring manager will not be able to see anything else from your desk. So, don’t be afraid to have any documents that you may require within the reach of your arms. The documents include a copy of your resume with job description information about the company and some list of questions you may want to ask the recruiter regarding the job.

All the above mentioned is a compilation of a few tips and tricks to make up yourself for a job interview via video. Make sure you follow each one of these to come out with flying colors, securing the job of your desire. Also, a job interview through video has quite heavy advantages than chances of turning down. It all depends on how you organize, prepare, and portray your personality on the screen of the recruiter.


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