How to Stay Fit at Home?


‘Fitness for health’ is gaining prominence in this modern era. In ancient days, the food consumed and the work done by people were in sync. No extra care was taken to have a specific diet and scheduled workout sessions to be fit. Nowadays, it’s an absolute flipped situation. It is all because metalwork is more done by the global population than physical work. The employment opportunities are so due to the emerging technology which turned as a curse to human health. So, people are forcefully allotting some amount of time to work out either by hitting the gym or performing Yogasanas.

As the coronavirus pandemic hit the globe, there happened to be strict rules enforcing the population to stick to their homes. With no social movement, one advantage can be eating homemade food where your diet checkbox can be given a tick. When coming to fitness, there is no other option to do with rather doing exercises or workout at home to maintain or become healthily fit.

Home workout routines are hence gaining momentum in this duration and will continue to be on-demand raising market to the online trainers. Here, in this blog, you can find some definite ways in every respect to stay fit, by some well to do home workouts, some fat burning natural consumptions, some mindful exercises, etc.,


There are numerous fitness benefits of home cleaning activities which many of us do not know. Some sources estimate that a few hundred calories can be burnt by doing routine home chores like sweeping, mopping, cleaning the windows, washing and ironing the clothes, etc. Any type of movement can lead to burning additional calories. So, household work is considered as some kind of exercise.

Household objects as weights

If you do not have your weights like dumbbells at home, you can find their substitutes which can be used instead. A few of them can be bags of rice or flour, bean tins, bottled water, etc. can be used as alternatives. If you can do with heavier things, try to carry a filled carrier bag with items.


One of the most household things that everyone loves to do is gardening. If you have a garden, then its normal maintenance also counts as a workout. Squatting while weeding the plants can strengthen the core and glutes. Carrying water can and various other gardening tools will tone the arms. Mowing the lawn is a real cardio exercise that is great for a healthy heart.

Virtual fitness classes

A flexible means to stay fit from home is through these fitness classes that are made available virtually on the internet. A sheer amount of online workout and fitness videos are available by various profound trainers. To everyone’s taste and abilities, there is a wide range from yoga to fat-burning, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) to dance, etc.

Yoga at Home

When training, jumping up, and down is something that your body doesn’t groom with, then some calming and mindful yoga could be more of your thing to do. Indeed, yoga has a range of health benefits. You can increase flexibility, core strength, and maintain cardiovascular health by doing various yogasanas, reduce stress, and calm your mind by doing meditation and respiratory exercises.

Apart from all these doings, bodily intakes also impact the health, fitness, and resilience of the human body. Food makes your body and mind. Hence a conscious intake can properly help the body function. Few tips and tricks to consume and stay healthy:

1. Hydration: Every day after waking up, have plenty of water intake. Lukewarm water does the best. It helps to wipe off the bad bacteria and acts as an internal cleanser. There is also saying to be followed that “Hot water is for internal cleansing while cold water is for external body cleansing”. Drink at least 2.5 to 3.5 liters of water in a day. It may also include water from food and other sources like coffee, juices, fruits, etc.

2. Immunity: It is the most essential feature of the body to sustain and live healthily. When we constantly sanitize to protect ourselves from the virus, it is also diminishing the essential and friendly bacteria that our body needs to create good immunity. So, to build back this friendly gut health, homemade pickles, papad, home-set curd, and fermented foods like idli or dosa can work great.

3. Dry fruits: A spoonful of soaked black dry grapes (draksh), soaked almond and some nuts will help build better immunity to fight the disease-causing invasions into the body. Their consumption sets the tone and prepares you for the rest of the day.

4. Avoid fat intake: Limit the fat intake to less than 30 % of the total intake of energy. See that more than 10% of it must be from saturated fat. Prefer cooking methods like steaming, grilling, or sautéing that requires less or no fat rather the deep-fried food. Switch to sunflower or olive oil. Also, reduce the intake of butter, red and fatty meats, palm oil, full-fat dairy products, etc.

5. Say NO to packaged food: Packaged food, ketchup, and the ready to eat foods must be ridden from your eating. Keep yourself more exposed to real nutrients by taking in fresh foods. Always try to serve within 20 minutes after cooking to nourish its freshness. Do not find the freshness in pre-cooked food some hours ago and hence heating it can turn it fresh. No, it is a false notion. It is thereby recommended not to consume oven heated food as it is dangerous to consume and may lead to long-term effects of developing carcinogenic. Also, avoid deep-frozen foods.

This blog is neither void nor full of the quintessentials because being fit and healthy is a large ocean to swim across as it has enormous ways to know and practice on regular basis. But this is contented with the basic stuff of daily doings to stay healthy and fit. When you are to kick-start with being or becoming fit, a must-follow of all these physical, mental exercises and dietary intakes must be included in your daily routines.

‘Eat fit, stay fit…..Long live!!’


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